Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day 208

Bound to say had quite fearful quantity of tea yesterday afternoon as checked incessantly as to getting box by back door containing array of cake and savouries.  On each occasion found Mrs Payne looking in recipe books and making notes on envelope as to new flavours at kitchen table.  Queried often as to being more comfortable in lounge.  Received reply that,
"This is where the genius flows!".

Hearing Mrs Payne tottering around downstairs, rushed out of office only to find had returned to kitchen with bag of bombay mix from lounge, left over from Christmas.  With some excitement Mrs Payne queried carefully,
"Were you eating these?  I have an idea for bread.".

Stalked back upstairs as heard Mrs Payne exclaim in kitchen,
"Oh I say, it's started to rain!".
Heard rain beating on window as returned downstairs in much annoyance.  Mrs Payne most curious as to whether I was working today.  Explained weakly had forgotten tea, might she like some?  Watched with dismay as continued raining, whilst kettle boiled.  Looking up from her recipes, Mrs Payne said with awe,
"I say, it's bucketing down!  Everything will be sodden!".  Looked at tea pot with disappointment as Mrs Payne queried,
"By the by, were you trying my new loaf?".

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