Thursday, 23 August 2012

Day 209 - lunch

Mid-morning was still much dismayed at dissolved cakes, and further, was still picking bits of liquorice from teeth. As such thought jolly well deserved trip to deli again.

With previous failure of cake import, had been thinking hard of way to get items past Mrs Payne. Thought myself fearfully clever as struck upon strategy of trojan horse. As such, had only to think of a suitably benign item to purchase cheaply, and cram it full of bread, pastries and cake. Have been craving toast terribly.

Seeing Mrs Payne making coffee, said nervously was going out, back shortly, goodbye! At this Mrs Payne queried carefully as to normally having coffee when made, where was I going? Further, if would wait some minutes, would like to come herself, explaining,
"I'd like some foot ointment for my feet.".
Replied had heard foot ointment rather good for scalp, at which Mrs Payne replied with interest,
"Well I never!".
Was about to correct this when most shocked as Mrs Payne said with pleasure,
"I'll be ready in five minutes then!". Most taken back, said terribly sorry, had to go now, adding quickly,
"They've got a sale on", before pausing rather, "adding with some horror, "fishing equipment!". At this Mrs Payne most confused, said curiously,
"But you don't fish!". Replied was fearfully interested in it, as such was going out, explaining in detail about purchases,
"To buy a fishing stick and tackle box!". Thought this most clever, as tackle box perfect for my trojan horse. Mrs Payne altogether silent at this, before saying with concern,
"Pole. Fishing pole.". Thought this most curious at the time, said as I opened front door,
"No, I don't think the shop owner is Polish. Goodbye!".

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