Friday, 24 August 2012

Day 210 - lunch

Bound to say other half most displeased yesterday evening as saw fishing equipment in bedroom, saying with annoyance,
"What the bally is that!". Explained this rather a necessity, handing other half tackle box. This did not a jot to improve mood, so quickly suggested opening it. Doing so other half's face brightened rather, saying with admiration,
"I say Robert, you are clever! Might we have some now?".

Eating some banana cake, other half said dismissively,
"You won't catch a jot with that, you know.". Most annoyed at this, said why on earth did everyone keep saying that! Other half looked at me ever so seriously, said warmly,
"It's a child's toy, dear.". Holding the item, I looked upon it more closely, saying to other half with some hurt,
"I don't see a thing wrong with it! Fine fishing pole this!". Taking the item from me, other half said seriously,
"Firstly, fishing poles are much longer. This is barely 5 foot. Secondly, it's got a net on the end. And thirdly, look, there's a little label saying 'Ages 8 to 11'.".
Looked on the item more closely, I said to other half whist eating more cake,
"Well, that would explan why it was only a pound, I suppose.".

Other half and I curiously not hungry for breakfast, thanked Mrs Payne all the same for bread. This altogether taken badly said didn't want to waste it. Had put a little out for the birds, but not even the pigeons would touch it! Picking bits from her teeth, Mrs Payne asked might I be so kind as to help put the bread maker away, was tired of it for the moment. Looked at other half and smiled as I said,
"I'd be delighted!".

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