Friday, 24 August 2012

Day 210

Had quite delicious lunch yesterday, made of toasted sandwich and scones with jam and cream. Bound to say received one or two curious looks sat with my fishing equipment.

Most surprised some while later to see Horseface walk in. Begged her pardon, but did she frequent every eatery in the town in rotation? Quite ignoring this, Horseface exclaimed with amusement,
"I say Robert, is this fishing gear yours!". Said it rather was, being terribly necessity of smuggling some edible bread into house on account of Mrs Payne's dreadful baking. Further, was now stuck with a "fishing stick". Horseface thought this quite hilarious, laughed a great deal before saying kindly,
"Pole, dear, they're called fishing poles.". Thought myself a frightful idiot for conversation with Mrs Payne, but altogether kept this from Horseface.

Neatly separated my cargo into the tackle box, consisting vanilla slice, thick slice of banana loaf, pain au chocolat, and finally small bloomer loaf, split in two upon request. Most annoyed during this as old lady behind queried as to me being all day. Replied did she mind, was evaluating size! Further annoyed as old lady continued,
"And your fishing stick has fallen over too!". Replied at some volume,
"It's called a fishing POLE!".

Set off home in high spirits with my cargo, quite ingeniously hidden. Bound to say, by the by, this altogether cheapest available, much to dismay of shop owner. Said would certainly catch not a jot with it.

Entered house saying was terribly sorry so long, hope she had enjoyed her lunch, what a nice fishing pole I had bought! Was joke earlier regards fishing stick! Quite ignoring this, Mrs Payne scrutinised items rather, at which I carefully picked up tackle box before had time to open it. Taking items upstairs, most surprised as Mrs Payne said nonchalantly,
"I say Robert, not much of a pole, that. I dare say you won't catch a thing.".

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