Monday, 1 October 2012

The Craft Competition - Part 1 of 7

"Would you like another slice of toast, Mrs Payne?" Molly Faith kindly offered, despite having only had half a slice herself.
"I rather think I would.  You are a dear" Mrs Payne said in reply, smiling broadly as she helped herself to butter.
The morning at the nursing home found Mrs Payne in an usually good mood.  Provided with an abundance of coffee of passable quality, and toast and butter rather better, Mrs Payne was in her element.  Sitting on a lone table with only her dear friend Molly, Mrs Payne surveyed the dining room of bustling residents and nurses.
"Nurse Goode?" Mrs Payne asked graciously, "might dear Mrs Faith have some more toast?  She's terribly hungry."
Waiting until Nurse Goode had set about her task of retrieving some more toast, Molly Faith said quietly,
"I say Bitty, I'm quite alright for toast, thanks all the same."  Mrs Payne seemed altogether unconcerned, saying with pleasure,
"Oh dear!  Well, I shan't waste it!  I positively insist you have at least another half a slice, however.  I shall polish off any remaining crumbs."  Nurse Goode presently deposited a carefully arranged toast rack.  Mrs Payne was pleased.
"Oh, four slices, what a lot of toast!  I don't know how we might finish it!  Toast, Mrs Faith?"  Placing half a slice onto Molly Faith's plate, Mrs Payne surveyed the remainder carefully, saying with some thought,
"I say, I think we might need more butter."

As Mrs Payne began buttering, Barry Green sat down uninvited at their table.  Barely having nibbled the corner off, Molly Faith put down her slice of toast, saying with a smile,
"Good morning, Mr Green", to which he reciprocated warmly,
"Good morning, Mrs Faith, you're looking lovely today!  Good morning, Mrs Payne, you are looking lovely also!"
A quality buttering of toast required some concentration, and Mrs Payne scrutinised her slice carefully whilst greeting Barry Green,
"Good morning Mr Green.  Any news to report?"
"Rather, I'd say, Mrs Payne!  I do say, rather!"
Mrs Payne looked up as she began eating her toast, and waited for Barry Green to expel his news, whilst carefully moving the toast rack towards her plate.  Barry Green was prone to taking toast from a foreign table, and that would never do.
"Guess!" Barry Green said, with fearful smugness.
"Oh, a game, how jolly!" Molly Faith said brightly.  Mrs Payne was not amused.
"I do like toast" she said dismissively, taking another bite.
"Oh alright", Barry Green said with disappointment, "we've got a new resident!"
"Oh, how jolly!" Molly Faith repeated, pushing away her uneaten toast.
"Quite!" Barry Green exclaimed, adding detail of a rather well-to-do lady arriving later that day named Mrs Suzanne Marr.  Molly Faith was thrilled,
"To think, such excitement in the same week as the craft competition!"
"I'm not sure it's as exciting as all that, dear", Mrs Payne said kindly.
"Sorry, Bitty", Molly Faith replied, "I forget you won't abide the craft competition, although it is such fun!"
"Quite", Mrs Payne said quietly.  "All the same, it will be nice to have another resident."

"Right!  Best be on manoeuvres", Barry Green said, to which he meant a turn around the grounds.  At this he deftly retrieved a slice from Mrs Payne's toast rack, leaving Mrs Payne only to exclaim in annoyance,
"What the devil!"
Barry Green passed through the dining room, stopping occasionally, no doubt to pass on further news.
"I don't know how I abide that man!" Mrs Payne said, still annoyed.
"He does bring us all the news, Bitty.  I find him rather dapper!" Molly Faith said coyly.
"Molly, you are naughty!" Mrs Payne said with amusement.  Looking down at the toast rack, Mrs Payne was further annoyed,
"He took the best slice!  That scoundrel!  Nurse!"

Next part to be published Wednesday 3rd October 2012, 12pm UK

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  1. Await the nest instalment with anticipation. I can't wait to find out what Mrs Payne will get up to next :)