Friday, 5 October 2012

The Craft Competition - Part 3 of 7

Mrs Payne was sitting in her room preparing herself to knit as Molly Faith came in with her knitting needles and some wool.
"These will be quite alright to make something jolly!" she said, handing the items to Mrs Payne.
Holding the needles upright, Mrs Payne looked at them carefully.
"I shall knit!" she said with vigour, clicking the needles together by way of demonstration.
"I say, you're holding them well!" Molly Faith said by way of encouragement.
"I've been practicing with some pencils, Molly!" Mrs Payne said with pride.
"Oh, how clever!" Molly Faith said with surprise, adding with curiosity "what have you knitted?"
"Nothing" Mrs Payne said carelessly, "but I've blunted two pencils!"

It was some time later that the knitting was interrupted by a knock at the door, and upon Mrs Payne's request to enter, came Barry Green.
"Good afternoon, Mrs Faith.  Mrs Payne!" Barry Green said brightly.
"Good afternoon, Mr Green" was the frustrated reply.
"I say, did a cat get your wool?" Barry Green asked with a mixture of amusement and concern.  Mrs Payne held up the item to survey her work, looking not unlike a rather bad tangle of wool that one might expect in an unused draw.  She prepared some rather sharp words for Barry Green, then placed her needles down in frustration, and hiding any sign of concern, said regally,
"How might we be of service, Mr Green?"
Seeing this as sign that Mrs Payne was not to be trifled with, Barry Green said carefully,
"Oh, you'll never guess what's going on in the day room", and remembering Mrs Payne was not one to guess, added quickly, "Mrs Marr is holding a little knitting lesson!" failing to hide his excitement.
"Oh, how jolly!" Molly Faith said with her own excitement.
"Well, that is jolly", Mrs Payne said woodenly.
Finding his audience rather lacking, Barry Green wished them good day, adding as he went back to the excited fray of the morning room,
"I do hope you catch that cat!" deftly shutting the door before Mrs Payne had chance of reply.
"Well he's not having one of my jumpers!" Mrs Payne said in annoyance.

Mrs Payne returned to her knitting, picking up the needles as she had left them only to find the wool even more tangled than before.
"This wool has a mind of its own!" Mrs Payne exclaimed with horror as she tried to pull the needles from within.
"Don't pull dear, it will only make it worse!" Molly Faith said with concern.  This was fearlessly ignored, as Mrs Payne went positively red as she tried to wrestle the needles free.
"The beast has got hold and he's not letting go!" Mrs Payne said, teeth gritted in the heat of battle.  After some time the beast loosed his grip, and one, and then the next needle came free.
"Oh, I say!" Mrs Payne gasped with relief as she recovered herself.  Mrs Payne held up the needles, and looking most sorrowful, said to Molly Faith with dismay,
"The beast has terribly bent your needles, Molly.  I am sorry."
"What a fearful beast" Molly Faith said looking at her needles with disappointment.

Next part to be published Sunday 7th October 2012, 12pm UK

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