Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Craft Competition - Part 4 of 7

Much jollity could be heard from the day room as Mrs Payne and Molly Faith approached, having discarded two rather bent knitting needles in an outside bin.  Mrs Payne breathed deeply as she entered.  Molly Faith looked upon the room with much dazzlement, as ladies were spread throughout, knitting and laughing, as the gentlemen wound wool or busied themselves with compliments as to progress.
"Oh, how jolly!" Molly Faith exclaimed.  Mrs Payne was about to leave the frightful scene when Suzanne Marr appeared, smiling broadly as she provided several comments of encouragement to those knitting.
"What terrible fun!" Suzanne Marr said with some exhaustion. "I've been providing my little advice all morning and everyone is improving greatly!  I'm rather surprised at the knitting style, however.  Quite wrong.  Still, we all have to start somewhere!"
Mrs Payne smiled kindly through this as she surveyed the room of happy knitters, without a tangle or wool beast in sight.
"With all this help, I dare say you won't have a moment of time for yourself?" Mrs Payne ventured with careless optimism.
"I'm quite sure I'll find a few moments" Suzanne Marr said, rather more seriously.  Mrs Payne feared this to be the case, and became rather more serious herself.
"I certainly wouldn't want to interrupt, please continue" Mrs Payne said with smile, by way of dismissing Suzanne Marr.  This was taken altogether badly.  As Suzanne Marr surveyed her disciples, she said rather loudly to giggles of appreciation,
"Everyone is doing so well!" to which she added at a quieter carefree tone, "so you see there really is no interruption.  Might I provide a little advice on your work?"
The offer was met with stern silence by Mrs Payne, from which Suzanne Marr's eyes were soon averted towards Molly Faith's work.
"Might I see?" Suzanne Marr said, reaching to take the work from Molly Faith's hands.  "I think we might need more light!" Suzanne added, as she led Molly Faith across the room to the window.

Mrs Payne stood for some moments, positively shaking with annoyance.  She did not want to leave Molly Faith, but would be hanged if she was going to trot after Suzanne Marr.  She would have to wait.
"Everyone is doing so well!" Mrs Payne exclaimed in the same manner as Suzanne Marr.  The room was positively silent, with barely a jot of recognition for Mrs Payne's endeavours.  She steeled herself once more and set about seeing the ladies she was more familiar with.
"That does look nice!" she said to one lady, admiring her knitted scarf.  The lady thanked Mrs Payne kindly as she held it up, saying with confusion,
"I got it from Marks & Spencer."

Seeing Barry Green carefully winding wool for a wheelchair-bound lady by the name Mo Jones, Mrs Payne greeted the two warmly, carefully scrutinising the item to make sure it was not from Marks and Spencer, then saying earnestly,
"That does look nice!"  This compliment was gratefully taken, as Mo Jones had conducted quite some argument with Suzanne Marr regards how to knit.  Furthermore, seeing Suzanne Marr quite cut Mrs Payne moments earlier, Mo Jones was quite one to understand the principles of 'the enemy of one's enemy is one's friend'.  Clearing a space, Mo Jones bid Mrs Payne to sit.
"What terribly fun!" Barry Green said, echoing Suzanne Marr.  The two ladies looked fearfully displeased, a vision not wasted on Barry Green.
"Might I get us some tea, ladies?" he said, before hastily retreating.
"Mrs Payne, might you wind my wool?" Mo Jones asked.  Mrs Payne was terribly grateful for this olive branch, and took it gladly.
"I would be delighted" she said with firm resolution, as the two looked from each other to Suzanne Marr, narrowing their eyes such that the combined stare may well have turned Suzanne Marr to granite.

Mrs Payne began winding as she heard with excruciating delight of Mo Jones' argument regarding knitting.  Mrs Payne wound carelessly as she nodded, the two talking in hushed tones, and stealing a look occasionally at Suzanne Marr, as Mo Jones exclaimed in annoyance,
"..and I've never heard such nonsense in all my life!"
Barry soon returned with tea, and Mrs Payne returned the winding duties to him, at which he said with disbelief,
"The wool is all tangled!"  Mrs Payne looked with shock at Mo Jones, and exclaimed with much innocence,
"It was like that when I got it!"

Next part to be published Tuesday 9th October 2012, 12pm UK

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