Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Craft Competition - Part 7 of 7

Suzanne Marr was strangely absent from breakfast the morning following the craft competition.  As such, much chatter was to be had regarding previous events.  Flagrant tittle-tattle was exchanged with rumours that Mrs Marr was sabotaging the event all along, caused by an unhappy marriage to a wool shop owner.  This was quite ignored by Mrs Payne and Molly Faith, both of whom quietly ate their breakfast, hogging the butter and toast fearfully, and looking somewhat nervous all the while.

Leaving breakfast, Mrs Payne and Molly Faith were intercepted by Mo Jones' wheelchair.
"Strange turn of events, I should say" Mo Jones said casually.  Mrs Payne studied her for a moment, querying carefully,
"You were right about the knitting style.  I wonder how the judge knew to check?"  Mo Jones smiled broadly, saying with an air of satisfaction,
"Who's to say!  If Margaret, I mean, the W.I. sees fit to check, it might very well be expected.  Good day."  With that, Mo wheeled off up the corridor.

As Mo Jones wheeled off, Suzanne Marr stalked down the same long corridor.  As Molly Faith turned for the door, Mrs Payne ventured with interest,
"Let's wait a moment."
Mo Jones grew smaller as she carefully wheeled away, and conversely, Suzanne Marr grew larger, such that Molly Faith positively shook with the force of her scowl.  Mrs Payne braced herself as the two neared, with an air that they were quite unaware the other was there at all.
"Oh, I say!" Molly Faith said quietly as she tensed for the impact, the two suspended in time as if postponing the inevitable.
"What the devil!" bellowed down the corridor from Suzanne Marr as the two projectiles reached impact, with Mo Jones narrowly missing Suzanne Marr's leg, and barrelling into a nearby plant pot stand, which promptly scatted soil all over the floor, Mo Jones' lap, and Suzanne Marr's sandals.  Mo Jones bellowed with equal fury,
"Mrs Marr, might you be more careful!" as she brushed the soil from her lap, most of which landed on Suzanne Marr's sandals.
"You're a menace in that contraption!" Suzanne Marr shouted back, as she continued down the corridor, leaving Mo Jones wondering what she might do about their new indoor garden.

Standing at the end of the corridor, Molly Faith bid they go to the garden now as she saw Suzanne Marr's full fury at close quarters.
"One moment, dear" Mrs Payne said kindly, "we've not said good morning to Mrs Marr."
"I really think.." Molly Faith said, as Suzanne Marr approached, looking squarely at Mrs Payne and saying tersely,
"Excuse me!"
"Good morning!" Mrs Payne said brightly, and standing her ground with fearless resolve, the lithe Suzanne Marr careered into her, and as Molly Faith flinched to avoid the collision, Suzanne Marr quite bounced to the ground in a heap.
"I say, Mrs Marr, are you alright?" Mrs Payne said with concern, showing barely a stitch out of place for the impact.  Suzanne Marr got up, saying with fury,
"Why don't you watch where you are going!"
"Terribly sorry, Mrs Marr, I was quite stationary" Mrs Payne said casually.
Suzanne Marr said not another word, but as she walked off more carefully than previous, Mrs Payne shouted after her,
"I say, Mrs Marr, there's something on your sandal!"

As Mrs Payne and Molly Faith set out for a turn around the garden, Mrs Payne said with pride,
"Fancy, you coming second!"  To which Molly said rather boldly,
"I came first.  After all, you cheated!"  Mrs Payne smiled affectionately, saying as she handed over a crumpled gift voucher,
"You did come first, dear, so congratulations.  Sorry about the voucher.  I sat on it."

The next ISMP! story will be published Monday 22nd October 2012, 12pm UK

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