Monday, 12 November 2012

Day 211

First must apologise regards diary.  Have not written a word of late as have been working on alternative project!  Other half and Mrs Payne altogether curious about this, but bound to say have said not a jot about it.  Mrs Payne commented over breakfast she hoped it a puzzle book.  Newspaper puzzles terribly difficult of late.  Had taken to making her own clues - awfully fun!  Queried as to this being rather easy if already knows clue and answer.  Mrs Payne replied with pleasure was quite alright, forgot the answers ever so quickly!  Other half looked concerned.

No amount of badgering would reveal my project however, and I stole upstairs to office to finish it before work as other half set out for work.  Heard Mrs Payne saying carefully to herself as said goodbye.
"Six letters beginning C.  Pets..  Catdog!  Oh, that's a good one!"

Pleased to say project altogether finished, however will see about binding it.  Terribly glad to have completed it as Mrs Payne quite frightfully bored and causing mischief in home.  Most displeased to find her attempting to pull out washing machine on Friday, alerted by prodigious oofing.  Queried as to why washing machine was being pulled out, to which Mrs Payne said with some annoyance I was a fearful idiot, was retrieving her spanner!  No explanation given for use, but helped retrieve spanner.  Promptly confiscated it.  Mrs Payne furious.

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