Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Day 212

Worked fearfully hard last night binding my project.  As such this morning presented neatly hand-bound folio to other half containing satirical short story I had written.  Other half awfully impressed by this and curious regarding its contents.  Explained it followed elderly lady causing mischief in nursing home.  Mrs Payne thought this most amusing, was sure the character quite fearful!  Other half coughed frightfully at this, saying some toast "got stuck" having turned red, adding between gasps, must have been awfully difficult to create the character.  Said I didn't have the faintest idea what she meant.

Other half said was terribly sorry, had not a jot of time to read story at lunch, was terribly busy at work, however would look forward to reading it this evening, and really I was awfully clever.  Mrs Payne eyed the work with much curiosity, and after several hints as to not knowing what she would do with herself today, said she could read it.  Mrs Payne delighted by this, immediately picked up the book and got butter on it.  Said she was terribly sorry, but in any event, the words positively microscopic, could my printer machine do larger?

Provided Mrs Payne with a loosely bound set of pages, quite double the thickness of previous due to gigantic font size.  Mrs Payne scrutinised the tome before querying with concern,
"This page has only got two words."
Mrs Payne declared herself quite silly as explained two words were title.  Reading title out loud Mrs Payne exclaimed with optimism,
"It's good so far!"

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