Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Day 213

Bound to say was awfully nervous coming down for lunch having handed over short story.  Found Mrs Payne having finished reading, said was terribly sorry, had sat on it.  Replied this quite alright, could keep large print edition.  Most displeased as Mrs Payne explained had sat on nicely bound copy.  Queried with some annoyance was not even reading that one!  Mrs Payne replied that's how she managed to sit on it.

Over lunch ventured for Mrs Payne's opinion.  Most pleased as received reply that she found some parts most amusing.  Spent quite some minutes as Mrs Payne flicked over pages, uttering as she did,
"This part is amusing.. wait, no it's not.. I'm sure it's in here somewhere!"
Ate toast with increasing despondency as Mrs Payne scrutinised the gigantic tome.  Having closed the work, Mrs Payne looked up, querying as she did,
"Perhaps I should put my spectacles on?"

Had all but finished lunch by the time Mrs Payne had found her spectacles and began searching for amusing parts once more.  Was making tea as Mrs Payne exclaimed in delight,
"Here we are!"  Presently Mrs Payne read out the line with fine broadcasting diction,

    "Joan was sitting in her room, shaking with annoyance as she knotted her jumper."

Mrs Payne added with amusement,
"Ever so funny!  Fancy, knotting a jumper!"  Bound to say was terribly disappointed with this.  Explained was rather less funny, as was simply spelling mistake of "knitted".  Mrs Payne looked most disappointed at this, saying with optimism after some moments of silence,
"I rather think you should keep it as knotted!"  Took tea to my office to correct spelling mistake, as heard Mrs Payne chuckling to herself,
"Knotted her jumper!"  Wish I hadn't bothered.

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