Thursday, 15 November 2012

Day 214

Sat with sherry after dinner as other half read story.  Mrs Payne was idly flicking through large print copy, positively determined to find other amusing elements.  As other half finished reading, Mrs Payne put down her copy also, saying with exasperation,
"I'm sorry Robert, I can't find anything funny.  Perhaps it was in the Radio Times?"  Begged her pardon, how might it be in the Radio Times?  At this Mrs Payne explained had being awfully hard going reading story, as such had picked up Radio Times on several occasions in between.  At this Mrs Payne picked up Radio Times, and flicking through, said with laughter,
"Oh yes, here it is.  Hilarious!"

Bound to say was awfully disappointed as other half rather echoed Mrs Payne's opinion regards story.  Still, was terribly clever to have written something!  Couldn't think of writing a word herself!  Looking at the bound, crumpled work with some concern, other half queried, by the by, might she have another sherry?

Sherry having been distributed, Mrs Payne evidently feeling effects.  At once Mrs Payne exclaimed over the silence,
"I say!  I might write a book!"  Other half said would look forward to reading it, and really was awfully clever.  Grumbled rather into sherry exclaiming that's what she said about mine.  Mrs Payne instantly looked around for something to write upon, as if book positively about to explode out of her.  Picking up my crumpled story, Mrs Payne flipped it backwards revealing leaves of blank paper, on account of being printed one-sided.  Grumbled rather at this, saying wouldn't happen to Wodehouse.  Other half rather started at this, saying kindly,
"You're not Wodehouse, dear."

Positively furious as Mrs Payne asked brightly,
"Might I have a pen?"

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