Friday, 16 November 2012

Day 215

Other half and I have made cocoa for bed, found Mrs Payne still clutching her writing book with look of determination. Queried as I provided cocoa as to writing progress.  Most surprised as Mrs Payne said had ran out one pen already!  At this said she must have covered quite some pages.  Mrs Payne altogether dismayed to say she hadn't written a solitary word as she opened cover to reveal entire page densely packed with doodling.

Found Mrs Payne up early this morning, at breakfast table, evidently having made tea, on account of fearful mess and tea leaves lightly dusting half the kitchen.  Mrs Payne said brightly as I came in,
"I made tea, but I wasn't sure about 'one for the pot' and suchlike, so I did one for the pot, one for me, and put one in the bin just to be sure."  Said I would make a fresh pot.

Mrs Payne altogether secretive regards writing.  Queried as to progress and received not a jot of reply.  Looked over Mrs Payne's shoulder to reveal on exterior of book,


Queried again as to progress, to which Mrs Payne said with frustration,
"I'm sure I've got a book bound to positively pop out of me!"  Asked as poured tea if she perhaps had plot I could help with.  Mrs Payne said with disappointment had not got that far.  Asked what title might be, to which Mrs Payne replied in annoyance,
"That's what I'm working on!"  Book sure to be a triumph.

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