Sunday, 18 November 2012

Day 216

Weekend quite fearful with Mrs Payne writing novel.  Bound to say other half and I certain to have written as much ourselves, following avalanche of queries regards title, and asking on numerous occasions as to spelling of words.  Made quite point of providing dictionary such that could find these.  Mrs Payne positively baffled by this, said how could she look word up if didn't know how to spell it?

Other half most ingenius as suggested trip to coffee shop on Sunday.  Quietly prepared to leave such that we might spring it upon Mrs Payne and make quick exit.  Other half positively furious as handle fell off my umbrella making fearful noise on floor, at which Mrs Payne emerged from kitchen querying where we were going.  Said would be delighted to join us, might she bring her writing?

Other half and I had quite some disagreement as Mrs Payne laboriously got ready, with other half blaming me terribly for making noise.  Replied it profoundly not my fault, other half had bought umbrella as gift!  Other half most dismissive of this, said it was one's duty for upkeep of one's umbrella.  Mrs Payne eventually ready, by which time other half and I quite silent in annoyance.  Seeing umbrella, Mrs Payne commented hoped I didn't mind, had borrowed umbrella to scare off stray cat earlier.  By the by, did I know handle broken?

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