Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Day 217

Mrs Payne most insistent regards returning to coffee shop today.  Said it altogether helped with her writing.  Most unsure about this, as rather busy with work, however agreed such that would take along laptop computer.  Mrs Payne most impressed with this, said could perhaps get laptop herself for typing book!  Replied dismissively this certainly possible as Mrs Payne held up our departure rummaging in purse.  Bringing out a unimaginably crinkled bank note, Mrs Payne said optimistically,
"Will twenty pounds be enough?"

Had just setup my laptop at coffee shop when Horseface walked in, saying with delight had not seen each other in a positive age!  Mrs Payne mumbled rather as she continued writing.  Most displeased as realised work quite impossible, shut my laptop.  Horseface terribly interested in Mrs Payne's writing, however this altogether ignored by Mrs Payne.  As such explained endeavour myself.  Mrs Payne positively furious as Horseface looked over to glean something from the writing.  Horseface most disappointed by this, queried with curiosity what Mrs Payne was writing on.  Was just preparing carefully worded reply as Mrs Payne put down her pen, and ignoring her writing, gave quite some thesis on concept and execution of my work, to Horseface's delight, declaring it in conclusion the work, "quite fearful".  Terribly embarrassed by this review so went to see about coffee.  Mrs Payne having requested cake, echoed in an amused hushed tone,
"Quite fearful!"  Bound to say was most surprised returning with coffee, had quite forgotten to buy cake!

Mrs Payne continued writing in some annoyance following lack of cake, as Horseface and I chatted.  Found it most curious, as Horseface and I would talk, Mrs Payne wrote furiously, and upon moments of silent, Mrs Payne quite motionless.  Made quite some point of talking ever so fast at points, with Mrs Payne quite frantic in keeping up.  Most annoyed at this, queried outright to Mrs Payne, was she writing down our conversation?  Mrs Payne still most displeased regards lack of cake, said indignantly,
"I shouldn't find your conversation the least bit interesting", adding as she held her pen, "by the by, what did you just say?"

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