Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Day 218

Bound to say Mrs Payne positively thrilled to the core as she opened brown parcel other half had brought home, saying with delight,
"A little lapbob!  Is it for me?"  Declared it certainly was, although was called laptop.  This quite ignored by Mrs Payne as she tottered off to find glasses.
"Might I have a go before dinner?" Mrs Payne shouted, with childlike eagerness.

Other half cooked dinner as I helped Mrs Payne regards her "lapbob".  Having set it up, Mrs Payne produced her grubby twenty pound note, asking carefully, might she be able to buy some Internet?  Declared this quite unnecessary, had already paid for Internet.  At this much discussion ensued upon how much of Internet was available, with questions such as "what, all of it?", "really, all of it?" and "I say, all of it?"  Answers in equal repetition "yes, all", "yes, all of it" and "yes, I've said, all of it".  Was about to continue discussion, explaining merits of free Internet society, however was bluntly cut off by Mrs Payne, saying with some annoyance,
"Do you mind?  I'm Interneting."

Other half most displeased to find I had set up Mrs Payne's laptop on dining table, exclaiming as she held two hot plates,
"This isn't a bally Internet cafe!"
Laptop having been unceremoniously shut by other half, had dinner, with Mrs Payne saying throughout was ever so pleased with her laptop, to think, had all of Internet!  Explained had rather got it so she could type her book.  Mrs Payne seemed altogether lacking in memory of this, saying finally,
"Oh yes, the book.  I'll do that right presently.  When I'm finished with the Internet."

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