Thursday, 22 November 2012

Day 219

Found Mrs Payne sitting at breakfast table this morning altogether early on laptop.  Mrs Payne barely looked up as said good morning, however exclaimed with delight,
"I wasn't sure the Internet would be working at this time, but it is!  Fancy!"

Mrs Payne not a jot of help with breakfast, however once had got everything ready, queried might I show her how to write book?  Loaded word processor and said she should save document so not to lose it, what was the title?  Bound to say other half quite raucous in laughter as Mrs Payne said warily,
"Title? .. 'Inspector Eliza Poon in the case of The Son-in-laws' Disappearance'.  It's a mystery!"  Replied it didn't sound like much of a mystery to me.

Other half still laughing as left house, positively bellowing down my ear as kissed goodbye.  Suggested as she walked down drive I should watch my back for fear of "disappearing".  Rolled eyes at this, and promptly heard Mrs Payne exclaiming from kitchen,
"Oh no!  My book is gone!  Robert!"  Could see it would be long day.

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