Friday, 23 November 2012

Day 220

Mrs Payne quite impossible regards her book.  Queried on numerous tea-making excursions how book was going.  On each occasion Mrs Payne said was going terribly well!  By the by, had I see this hilarious picture of a cat?  Mrs Payne most disappointed I was not interested, at which received detailed description of the photos, ending with a much giggling and "Fancy!"  Begged her pardon, this rather noisy, could hear same reaction for every photo from office. Was called a stick in the mud.  Furious at this.

By evening Mrs Payne evidently had no progress regards book, steeled herself and said she would concentrate on it fearfully.  Other half most amused, printed photo of kitten hanging on washing line, adding title,


Mrs Payne quite tickled by this, laughed for quite some minutes with other half.  Said I didn't see what was so funny.

Clutching her "lapbob" and photo, Mrs Payne went into dining room, saying with determination,
"I'm writing.  I should like sherry later, however."  Mrs Payne shut door indignantly as I gave her reply,
"Glad to be of service."  Other half most amused at this, said I was silly.  Both laughed rather, causing Mrs Payne to open door, saying with annoyance,
"Do you mind?  I'm writing!" and looking back into dining room, added "isn't that right Mr Tiddles?"
Other half most curious at this, was Mr Tiddles a character?  At this Mrs Payne said nonchalantly,
"Oh no, Mr Tiddles is the kitten in the photo", promptly shut door.

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