Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Day 222

Have finished Mrs Payne's story, and bound to say found it quite inferior to my own.  Queried number of spelling mistakes, promptly explained by Mrs Payne as "the lapbob's fault".  Son-in-law character rather tiresome, and most ridiculous in personality.  Said as much to Mrs Payne, seemed altogether unconcerned.  Compared to mine, other half found story quite hilarious!  Most displeased at this.

Mrs Payne asked over breakfast might we go into town this morning, would see about selling her story!  Begged her pardon, did not believe publishers to be in town.  At this Mrs Payne said I was a fearful idiot, was going to bookshops!  Queried as to printing and binding and such, explained my Mrs Payne as,
"Oh, I'm sure they will do all that!"

Sat with coffee as Mrs Payne tottered between bookshops, with Horseface inevitably coming in, saying brightly,
"No Payne today?"  Explained regards selling her story, at which Horseface agreed was certainly fearful.  Coming in some moments later Mrs Payne looked terribly red in face, saying with some annoyance bookshops had not least interest in her story.

Could see Horseface positively thrilled to the core as Mrs Payne carelessly got out her story whilst rummaging in bag.  Horseface querying rather casually, might she read a jot?  Mrs Payne altogether unsure of this, eventually handing it over, saying as she did, laptop certain to have made mistakes.

Was rather concerned as to other customers' hearing as Horseface positively rolled around the place with terribly shrill laughter reading Mrs Payne's story.  Received several annoying stares as Horseface exclaimed between tears about the hilarious goings-on.  Said did not know what was so funny, found story most ridiculous.  Struggling to breath, Horseface said whilst trying not to laugh again,
"I say Robert, it's you!  The son-in-law!"  At this she broke out again in fearful laughter, as said with some annoyance,
"I find it quite fearful."  At this Horseface exclaimed with delight,
"Oh!" and quickly flicking pages, quoted from the story with gruff diction,
"Ron said in annoyance, 'I find it quite fearful.'"


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