Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Day 223

Left coffee shop rather promptly yesterday following Horseface's awful behaviour.  Further to this, most displeased regards Mrs Payne's story, worked entire afternoon in some annoyance.

Coming down before dinner heard knock at door, most surprised to see boss and Horseface on doorstep.  Boss exclaiming with surprise,
"Oh, hello Robert!  Nice to see you!"  Exclaimed were not expecting them, at which boss explained carelessly,
"Just thought we'd visit!"  Found this most concerning as had not an morsel of food to offer them for dinner.  Invited them in all the same, and were sitting in lounge as Mrs Payne tottered in.  At this quite realised their visit, saying to boss with some annoyance,
"I assume you're here to read Mrs Payne's story?"
At this boss said in rather nonchalant surprise,
"Story!  I say Bitty, have you written a story!  I hadn't heard a word about it!  Have I dear?"  Horseface most in agreement with this, looking altogether nervous.  Waited with some annoyance as Mrs Payne received quite some praise from Horseface, describing it finally as,
"Quite the most hilarious of biographies of Robert you might ever find!"

Mrs Payne rummaged in her bag for printed copies.  Concern of providing dinner quite disappeared as heard with delight Mrs Payne's printed copies quite gone, saying with despair,
"I must have left them in the coffee shop!"  Boss and Horseface most distraught at this, until boss said optimistically,
"Oh, but you must have a computer copy!"  At this Mrs Payne said with pride,
"Oh yes, my lapbob, Bertha!"  Bound to say was quite astonished by naming laptop, as all stalked into dining room to see about story.  Mrs Payne opened lid to find power quite absent, as she explained to boss and Horseface's amusement,
"Bertha's sleeping."

Dining room quite filled with excitement as laptop woke up having been plugged in for charging.  Boss and Horseface quite held their breath as Mrs Payne carefully opened the document, revealing to everyone's shock a solitary title and not a word of actual story.
"Where's my story, Bertha?" Mrs Payne asked with dismay as she fearfully worked the mouse by way of scrolling up and down single page.  Asked regards saving it, at which Mrs Payne quite baffled, saying with some annoyance had not faintest idea what was talking about.  Mrs Payne quivered rather as with last grain of optimism she lifted laptop up, and looking under it, found was not there.

Other half came home some time later, by which time quite avalanche of suggestions provided by boss and Horseface regards looking for autosave file, might it be in another folder, try pressing control, shift and V, was there copy, was it backed up, really should have backup, and suchlike exhaustively deluged on Mrs Payne, still in shock regarding Bertha's insubordination.  Hearing the disaster, other half most repetitive regards suggestions, with much frustration as to already having tried.  Eventually all realised it quite hopeless, looking most grave, with Mrs Payne crying out,
"My story!  Bertha you fearful lapbob!  My story!"

Was some moments later with all most solemn that I exclaimed brightly,
"Oh, what luck!" as all looked up hopefully.
"My story?" Mrs Payne asked with optimism.  Replied carelessly,
"No, I remembered we have some salmon for dinner!"

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