Thursday, 29 November 2012

Day 224

Other half most displeased over breakfast, said was awfully embarrassed with state of house when boss and Horseface visited, was fright mess.  Didn't know how I could have let them in!  Most shaming!  Replied visit most unexpected, could not very well have left them on doorstep.  At this Mrs Payne said defiantly would have jolly well shut door in Horseface's face!  Bound to say found this terribly amusing.  Other half evidently not of same opinion.

Explanation regards unexpected visit most unsatisfactory, other half said should jolly well spend some time cleaning.  Said I rather agreed with this, was sure Mrs Payne would have time.  This vigorously denied, Mrs Payne saying was terribly busy, providing new issue of Prima by way of example.  This quite ignored by other half, said was sure we would both have some time.  Could start with Mrs Payne's laptop items, cast aside in dining room.  Most annoyed as Mrs Payne and I said in unison,
"It's not my mess!"  Other half quite furious at this, declared place "like a bally jumble sale", promptly went to work with quite unnecessarily heavy use of front door.

Said to Mrs Payne was most unfair to have upset daughter, really her mess quite terrible, might she start and would see about helping at lunch.  Mrs Payne declared would start presently, at which flicked open magazine, asked casually,
"Any more tea?"

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