Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas day, and as year previous other half has taken mother to church, so have some moments to write.

Found Mrs Payne in kitchen again this morning, at which we said in unison,
Merry Christmas .. !  I've made pancakes!"
Mrs Payne altogether annoyed at this, grumbling as she stirred the batter,
"Fearful advent calendar."

After had feasted on many pancakes and cleared up quite terrible mess, to which Mrs Payne said she regretted nothing, set about our presents.  Other half altogether pleased with her ear rings, held them up such that Mrs Payne gave appreciative murmur.  Said I was a darling.  Opening my large present, was most pleased with toaster.  Exclaimed that Father Christmas' elves apparently quite experts at electrical goods.  Warmly wished other half Merry Christmas.

Other half and I warily picked up Mrs Payne's presents, with instruction to open the tiny items together on account of being the same.  Shared much surprise as each held an uncommonly well crafted bookmark of a smooth oval sliver of wood, each decorated with ribbon through a hole at one end.  Mrs Payne flushed rather as we both exclaimed our appreciation.  Looking at the item revealed it to be beautiful oak wood, with other half's quite an identical item.  Most curious, said to Mrs Payne bookmark quite delightful, by the by, where did she find the wood?  At this Mrs Payne explained brightly,
"Oh yes, you'll never guess!  It was a ruler I found in the garage!"
At this other half and I held our bookmarks together to reveal remnants of my prized oak ruler.  Mrs Payne evidently pleased with her efforts, said proudly,
"It was a 12 inch ruler, so you got 6 inches each!"
Could only laugh rather at this, queried with amusement, had she given me a bookmark, but taken away a ruler?  At this Mrs Payne thought rather, said earnestly,
"Oh no!  You've still got half of it!"

Declared our beautiful bookmarks well worth the sacrifice, and duly pleased, Mrs Payne set about opening her two cylindrical presents.  Bound to say was most pleased as Mrs Payne opened them, saying with honest excitement,
"Oh I say!  Mince!  Oh, and another!"  Other half rather less delighted by this, said kindly,
"You'll be able to add them to the two in the bottom cupboard!"  At this Mrs Payne further excited, saying as she rushed to kitchen,
"I didn't know we had any left!  Oh I say!"  Returning moments later, Mrs Payne most dismayed, explained could find not a jot of mince.  Bound to say was terribly guilty at this, explained nervously, by the by, had rather thought them lost, as such had given them as Christmas present.  Other half thought this quite hilarious, said I looked guilty as a schoolboy, quite rolled around the room laughing.  Mrs Payne most affronted, declared at volume,
"You owe me two mince!"  Laughed rather nervously as said I would certainly provide them, to which Mrs Payne exclaimed, a-gasp with disapproval,
"What would Father Christmas say!"


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my readers.

The Diary will return in the new year.

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  1. Merry Christmas Paul! Thank you for bringing the Diary back. Every day is like a new Christmas present.