Friday, 14 December 2012

Day 235

Went into town this morning to see about toaster.  Had altogether little time for this with work, but positively sick of eating Christmas pastries.  Mrs Payne said had fearful lot of Christmas cards to send, might she come along?  Quite reminded me had one or two myself, so presently set off for town.  Mrs Payne queried with excitement, might they have carols in town?  Said this rather unlikely, children still at school.  Mrs Payne most displeased at this, said incredulously,
"Children should be out on the street!  Singing!"

Soon arrived at post office with something of headache on account of Mrs Payne's frightful carol singing in car to find post office queue quite to door with customers.  Mrs Payne turned around, whispering with much frustration,
"It's full of old people!"  At this middle-aged lady turned around, saying with annoyance,
"I beg your pardon?"  Altogether looked other way as Mrs Payne said certainly did not mean her, adding kindly,
"Are you collecting your pension, dear?"

Lady having thankfully cut Mrs Payne, Horseface promptly came in, saying with aggravation at queue,
"Oh, I say!" before adding brightly, "oh, hello, you pair!  Aren't we the couple-about-town!"  Thought this terribly rude, and said as much, Horseface caring not a jot, asking what we were doing for Christmas.  Explained were having goose, with Mrs Payne reaching out arms whilst exclaiming,
"It's this big!"

Presently invited Horseface and boss for Christmas, as Mrs Payne went to cashier.  Said they would be delighted.  Horseface rather distracted as provided details, looking over my shoulder and quite ignoring my question, saying,
"Oh dear!"  At this promptly turned around to find Mrs Payne, saying in terrible annoyance,
"I should like to see the post master!"  Young lady having explained was terribly sorry, post office had no post master, set about querying the matter.  At this Mrs Payne explained with much drama that had seen about posting her Christmas cards, was quite 60 pence!  Mrs Payne saying indignantly whilst positively shook,
"That's not the total!  60 pence each!" and by way of further embarrassment, exclaimed to her rather significant audience of customers and a delighted Horseface,
"60 pence each!  I used to pay 2 shillings!"  Returning her annoyance to cashier, was told it quite an outrage!  Young lady said kindly it was rather a shock, and,
"Perhaps this gentleman could pay?"  Was about to say was quite out of question when Mrs Payne altogether changed tune, saying in a calming diminuendo,
"Quite an out .. oh yes, that would be fine."  Positively furious as cashier said brightly,
"37 pounds 80 pence, please!"

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