Monday, 3 December 2012

Day 226

Following quite fearful sharing last year, went shopping on Friday to buy advent calendars for other half, Mrs Payne and myself.  As such brought them out Friday evening, ready for 1st of December on Saturday.  Bound to say other half and Mrs Payne delighted with these, saying in unison,
"Chocolate ones!"

Mrs Payne scrutinised hers carefully, as one might a difficult game of chess, as she uttered in apprecation,
"Oh yes, very nice!"  Other half and I most amused at this, watched for some minutes whilst Mrs Payne continued, saying finally,
"Can I have one now?"

Gave Mrs Payne and other half quite some sharp words regards shenanigans, reminded them of disgraceful theft last year!  Other half most shamed at this, as Mrs Payne flagrant in her disregard, said regretted nothing, and would do it again!  Other half and I clutched our calendars at this, as no doubt silently considered where to hide them.  Said to Mrs Payne if wanted chocolate, was small bar in kitchen.  At this Mrs Payne positively horrified, said with feeling,
"That doesn't celebrate Baby Jesus!"  Replied it had picture of Father Christmas on the front.  Considering this for a moment, Mrs Payne said as tottered promptly into kitchen,
"Very well."

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