Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Day 228

Mrs Payne continuing with surveillance regards suspicious old couple.  Other half altogether unaware of this, explained by Mrs Payne such that does not "interfere with the investigation".  Said I thought this quite ridiculous, as was staying up most of night.  Mrs Payne most displeased as this, declared it "doing her civil duty".  Said I didn't believe there was medal for spying on neighbours.  Mrs Payne most indignant at this, said seriously,
"Well there should be!"

Bound to say Mrs Payne looked fearfully tired this morning for breakfast.  Explained had stayed up quite some time to see lights going on and off.  Other half having gone to work, Mrs Payne shared her findings from her notebook, read entries as such,

"One forty five in the am, bedroom light: on
One forty six in the am, bedroom light: off
Two twenty four in the am, bedroom light: on
Two twenty five in the am, hall light: on
Two twenty six in the am, lounge light: on"

Begged Mrs Payne's pardon, was that all?  At this Mrs Payne said with excitement,
"Oh no, there's more!"  At this Mrs Payne flicked through pages of notes, at which read verbatim,

"Pair of tights, extra large
Five pack briefs, extra large
New umbrella, pink"

Declared this a regard odd turn of events.  Mrs Payne looked altogether confused, before saying with concern,
"Oh I say, I am tired.  Disregard that.  It's my shopping."

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