Thursday, 6 December 2012

Day 229

Found lounge altogether empty this morning as came down for tea.  Was reading Radio Times as received quite fright of life as Mrs Payne appeared from behind curtain, saying loudly,
"I see you didn't see me!"
Asked with quite some annoyance what was doing behind curtain, quite jumped out of skin.  At this Mrs Payne exclaimed proudly,
"I'm undercover!"

Made tea as Mrs Payne took break from spying duties.  Queried as to goings on, at which Mrs Payne said with curiosity would check notebook!  At this Mrs Payne open notebook to page containing only date, reported back with disappointment,
"Not a sausage!"  Begged her pardon, was it quite necessary to check notebook for that?

Mrs Payne exclaimed shortly that did not have time for idle tittle-tattle, at which quite disappeared into curtain again, tea and all.  Was about to go back to work as heard muffled query from depths of curtain,
"I say, any biscuits?"  Promptly got biscuits for myself, and sneaked upstairs as heard from curtain,

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