Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day 230 - Addendum

Feel it only right to continue regards Mrs Payne's time in telephone box.

Yesterday, took Mrs Payne's tea and biscuits to telephone box mid-morning.  Altogether concerned would be seen by suspicious old couple, so walked ever so fast, carefully holding cup and saucer so would not see.  Mrs Payne most pleased to see sustenance had been provided.  Opened door to telephone box, saying brightly,
"Step into my office!"

Suggested in ever so polite way that would perhaps not fit in telephone box together.  This quite ignored by Mrs Payne, saying in a hushed tone,
"Get in!  Before they see you!"
Found telephone box altogether cramped, and Mrs Payne quite taking up most of it.  Heart pounded fearfully as Mrs Payne exclaimed with concern,
"Someone's coming!"  At this saw mother with pushchair, as Mrs Payne whispered,
"Act naturally!"
Was quite fearfully squashed and could barely breathe as mother walked past, with Mrs Payne sipping her tea, and raising it, said brightly,
"Good day!"

Mother having passed, opened door by way of getting fresh air, at which asked Mrs Payne regards progress of investigation.  Mrs Payne said had seen not a glimpse, exclaiming after some moments
"Oh, I say!  I did have two wrong numbers!" adding with disappointment "they didn't stay on for long though.  Still, it's nice to have some company!"

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