Friday, 7 December 2012

Day 230

Mrs Payne most displeased regards progress of investigation.  Saw not a jot of activity other than lights at night.  Said over breakfast with some annoyance,
"I'm certain they are up to something, scoundrels!"

Suggested would be well to give up on investigation.  Mrs Payne quite horrified at this, said would do nothing of the sort.  After some moments Mrs Payne added with thought,
"If only I could get closer."
Decided at this was altogether wise to see about work, and left Mrs Payne in kitchen pondering.  Heard front door close some time later, after which received telephone call.  Answering, heard Mrs Payne saying with delight,
"I'm spying from the telephone box!"

Bidding Mrs Payne wait a moment, looked out of front window to see Mrs Payne hiding as best as possible in telephone box, rather difficult on accout of roundness, however back of telephone box neatly hiding her from suspicious old couple's view.  Returning to telephone Mrs Payne continued,
"I could see you too!  I get ever such a good view!  Might you bring tea and biscuits at elevenses?"

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