Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Day 232

Was quite frightfully nervous yesterday lunchtime as looked out of window to see if suspicious old couple or Mrs Payne might turn up first.  Was just pondering as to retrieving wellington boot when taxi cab pulled up and old couple got out.  Apparently some discussion ensued regards wellington boot on lawn, as was quite some pointing before eventually came over to get key.  Quickly retreated behind curtain and answered the door rather slowly exclaiming innocently,
"Oh, hello?"

Stalked over to old couple's house, quite insistent that I might help them in with bags, could quite put one's back out!  This promptly demonstrated as lifted bag and with yelp of pain said whilst withholding strong language,
"Goodness, I've put my back out!"

Helped old couple in all the same, grimacing fearfully in pain.  Terribly shocked to find Mrs Payne in back garden, quite pressed against window looking in.  Mrs Payne froze in shock, and by way of hoping did not see her, slowly moved to side of window out of view.  Popping her head around some moments later revealed us still there, as old man shouted,
"Get out of our garden you devil!  I'm calling the police!"
Evidently with some concern Mrs Payne gesticulated rather in way of not telephoning police, at which old lady exclaimed in horror,
"Such gestures!  What a beast!"
Mrs Payne with some concern put hood down, revealing quite fearfully red face on account of heat, mouthing through window as old man put telephone down,
"On-ly m-e!"

Opening window bound to say old man rather unhappy as to having Mrs Payne "trampling around the garden like a mad woman!"  At this Mrs Payne terribly apologetic, said were some terribly suspicious characters about of late, and was terribly concerned someone was in garden.  Old man rather unconcerned about this, looking down and saying with increduality,
"I say, where's your wellington!"  Mrs Payne altogether calm at this, said nonchalantly,
"What wellington?"

In quite some rage, old man made quite some suggestion regards jolly well getting out of garden immediately, and could take wellington boot with her.  Mrs Payne looked terribly annoyed, promptly tottered across garden as old man shouted out,
"Watch the pond cover!"  All was too late as pond cover immediately sank under Mrs Payne's not insignificant weight, lowering Mrs Payne thigh deep into cold water, exclaiming in shock,
"Oh, I say!  Oh I SAY!"  Rushed outside to heave her out with fearful pain to my back, as Mrs Payne said in horror, clothes dripping with water,
"I've got water in my wellington!"

Old couple looked fearfully annoyed as watched me take Mrs Payne back across road, dripping all the way, me hunched over in pain, with my abandoned wellington in one hand and Mrs Payne's arm in other.  Bound to say Mrs Payne positively furious, said with annoyance,
"There's something suspicious about them!  Mark my words!"

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