Monday, 17 December 2012

Day 236

Still without toaster as other half said perhaps Father Christmas could provide one.  Replied I hoped Father Christmas most discerning regards four-slice variety and chrome finish.  Other half said she rather thought he was.  Mrs Payne most amused at this, said knowingly,
"Elves can't make toasters."

Had frightful amount of food still in fridge.  Mrs Payne queried Saturday night if she might see about making dinner.  Other half and I most surprised as dinner arrived.  Queried as to looking entirely like tomato soup most unwelcome by Mrs Payne.  Explained other ingredients had rather sunk.  Was her own recipe!

Fished about in tomato soup with quite some concern and finding a morsel, gave it rather subtle scrutiny before eating.  Saw other half flagrantly doing the same.  As tomato soup began draining off the morsel, realised in horror the soup's contents.  Queried rather nonchalantly,
"I say, Mrs Payne, is this.." and before given a moment to answer, Mrs Payne exclaimed with delight,
"Pork pie soup!"

Other half and I most uneasy about such concoction.  Queried as to how it was made.  Mrs Payne said delighted to pass on her recipe, punctuated by eating,
"First you start with tomato soup.  Then you add my special ingredients!"  Begged Mrs Payne's pardon, what might those be?  At this Mrs Payne said with consideration,
"Well, pork pie.  Oh, and I stirred it."

Attempted some of Mrs Payne's pork pie soup by way of not offending.  Other half did same, although a frightfully small amount.  Bound to say it a quite frightful texture of soupy meat with soggy pastry.  Other half looked down at her bowl with much concern at such a volume remaining.  Was quite considering eating around only the soup as Mrs Payne queried with interest,
"How is it?  You can really taste the pork pie!"

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