Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Day 237

Most concerned regards presents as quite unsure what to get for other half and Mrs Payne.  Queried as to getting Horseface and boss presents also.  Most grateful as this duly undertaken by other half.  Said with quite some amusement could not wait to see what I got her mother!  Replied could not wait to see it either.

Gave Mrs Payne quite some scrutiny over breakfast regards what she might be in need of.  Mrs Payne appeared a simple soul, needing but her spectacles, pen and newspaper.  Realised with some annoyance had my nice pen.  Queried this rather sharply, at which Mrs Payne said nonchalantly,
"Oh no, I've had it for years!"  Nervously returned it to her bag.

Asked Mrs Payne might she like to come into town this morning to see about presents.  At this Mrs Payne said would certainly not need to!  Most annoyed as asked regards Mrs Payne having already bought gifts.  Mrs Payne most amused in response,
"Oh no, I'm making mine.  By the by, where is the hammer?"

Decided best not to go out this morning.

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