Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Day 238

Spent quite some time yesterday afternoon thinking of ideas for presents.  This made altogether more difficult as heard fearful racket coming from garage.  Quite certain Mrs Payne's "Christmas workshop" fraught with disaster.  Telephoned other half, most displeased at interruption from work, queried with some annoyance what was the matter, and further,
"What's that bally racket in the background?"  Bound to say other half terribly displeased to hear Mrs Payne having been given hammer.  Said did not know who was worse - hammerer, or the one that provided it.  Thought this altogether rough.

Queried carefully as to what to get for presents, at which other half said with some annoyance to get whatever got last year.  Said could not possibly do this.  Terribly inconsiderate.  At this other half said happily,
"Quite alright, she's certain to have forgotten!"
Ended telephone call with much relief having arranged one of two presents required.  Needed only to seek out what I got Mrs Payne, and think of other half's present.  Most dismayed as used this very diary to find Mrs Payne's present.  As noted:

"Turkey mince"

Altogether hope Mrs Payne has forgotten of last year's present, as two tins still in cupboard.  Certain not to add more to this horrifying stockpile.

Still two presents to get.

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