Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day 242

Had late lunch yesterday on account of catching up with work.  Was sure could smell toast on landing, with Mrs Payne still altogether missing despite was quite certain to have heard her tottering around whilst was working.  As such knocked on bedroom door with quite some force, at which heard muffled voice through door,
"Oh, I say! No thank you!  Come back tomorrow!  Oh, delicious.."

Went downstairs as best as could on account of hurting toe for lunch, positively furious to find bread now missing also, could not even have bread and jam.  Stalked back upstairs with quite some wincing, exclaiming at volume as to where the bread was.  Knocked on Mrs Payne's bedroom door again, to which heard not a murmur from inside.  Continued knocking in fearful anger, finally hearing quiet reply from within,
 Bound to say was in quite frightful mood for games, said rather tersely had come for bread.  At this heard some shuffling, and door opened a crack with hand slipping out to present a solitary crust, Mrs Payne explaining quietly,
"That's all I've got."  Most annoyed at this, pushed door open against Mrs Payne's weight on other side, revealing quite haze of smoke inside.  Mrs Payne promptly pushed door back, stubbing my toe in process, to which I emitted a fearful yelp of pain.  Followed quite some to-and-fro, at which I said with gritted teeth to let me in, Mrs Payne terribly flustered, repeating as the door edge open and then closed,
"Please, take pity!  You're not coming in, you scoundrel!"

Finally pushed opened door fully as Mrs Payne gave way, revealing old toaster sitting proudly on Mrs Payne's nightstand, screwdriver carefully inserted into it, and quite pile of bread and butter beside.  Door now opened, quite cloud of smoke came out of room causing smoke alarm to start a piercing wail.  Could not hear word of Mrs Payne's complaint, but bound to say was fearfully red-faced and evidently terribly annoyed.  Cared not a jot for this, deftly unplugged toaster and carrying as much butter and bread as could muster, made my getaway, the smoke alarm still emitting its warning.

Gasped as plugged in toaster and proudly put in two slices of bread.  Terribly pleased as smoke alarm stopped also, gave rather a smile as popped down toaster.  Received awful fright as heard terrific bang from toaster and in same instance kitchen lights went out, smoke alarm soon resuming its headache-inducing wail.  Sighed as closed eyes against the horror, smelling quite fearful burning from the toaster.  Mrs Payne's handiwork had blown the power.

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