Monday, 21 January 2013

Day 246

Ever so pleased at weekend as got new camera in January sales, positive bargain!  Assistant said had all kinds of features, with zoom "from here to next week".  Other half said in front of assistant looked fearfully complicated, queried me not having aptitude for such things.  Declared this quite ridiculous, promptly bought it.  On way home other half admitted was jolly nice looking camera, adding kindly,
"Just don't end up shouting at it, Robert."

Opened box on dining table, with Mrs Payne looking on, exclaiming at every opportunity,
"I say, what a nice camera!  I do wish I had such a nice one!"
Most annoyed at this as was finding packaging quite ridiculous to open, said at some volume as to being quite fearful design of plastic, at which heard other half from kitchen,
"You're shouting, dear."

Mrs Payne kindly provided screwdriver from dress pocket to help with packaging.  This having worked perfectly, queried Mrs Payne as to carrying screwdriver around with her.  Explanation as to "I might need to unscrew something" most unsatisfactory.

Packaging having been dealt with, lifted camera out of box as one might hold an archaeological artefact, viewing it from all angles.  At this Mrs Payne peered closely, exclaiming again,
"I say, what a nice camera!  I do wish I had such a nice one!"  Sighed rather at this, asked might she be so good as to fetch my camera bag?  After some minutes and with quite some oofing and complaint this duly delivered, bound to say had worked out barely a jot as to my camera's workings in the meantime.  Mrs Payne was just about to exclaim once more,
"I say, what.." when kindly cut her off, presenting her with my old camera.  Mrs Payne positively delighted by this, exclaimed brightly,
"I say, what a nice camera!  Thank you, Robert."

Loss of old camera proved altogether worthwhile as both scrutinised our cameras in silence.  After some minutes most annoyed as we said in unison,
"How do I turn it on.."

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