Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Day 247

Bound to say finding camera much easier to use, this largely helped by other half reading manual, explaining as to turning the item on and such.  Took some test photographs, with other half most shy as took photograph of her first.  Took photograph of Mrs Payne also, quite ignored as was investigating her camera so intently.

After some minutes saw Mrs Payne reach into dress pocket and retrieve screwdriver, to which I said loudly,
"No unscrewing!"
Mrs Payne positively jumped out of skin at this, and most furious, said indignantly,
"I was only seeing where the film goes!"  At this Mrs Payne opened the little door underneath, battery falling onto carpet.  Having oofed to pick the item up, Mrs Payne looked rather closely, saying with curiosity,
"It's a rather small film.  Is it a 24?"

Followed some explanation as to camera being digital, did not need film, was stored on memory card.  Mrs Payne delighted by this, said in awe,
"Memory card, fancy!" reaching again for screwdriver.

Put down my camera with some annoyance, set about showing Mrs Payne where memory card went, quietly hiding screwdriver in magazine rack in process.  Mrs Payne looked over her glasses as she moved tiny memory card towards and further from eyes by way of focus.
"I say, how many photographs do I get?" Mrs Payne said after some moments.
Explained as to getting almost two hundred, at which Mrs Payne placed card in her palm, repeating slowly,
"Two hundred photographs.  That's almost..  millions!"  Explained was terribly convenient with digital, could very well take photographs and down-load onto computer, promptly use card again!  At this Mrs Payne further grateful for gift, said earnestly was very generous and would certainly not unscrew it.  This had unfortunate consequence as Mrs Payne looked around, said in annoyance,
"Where's my screwdriver gone!"

Having exclaimed in astonishment as to disappearance of screwdriver, set about looking at my camera again.  Mrs Payne and I duly trained in use of our cameras, followed extensive photographing of lounge.  As I was testing camera, zoomed in whilst viewing camera from front, positively furious as it almost poked my eye out.  Other half quite rolled around laughing as Mrs Payne exclaimed in delight,
"Oh, I got a photograph of that!  Do see!"
Most displeased as looked at little camera screen to see myself looking quite idiotic.  Declared photograph should be deleted immediately.  Mrs Payne promptly pulled camera to her bossom, said childishly,
"No!  It's mine!"  Bound to say sulked rather as returned to play with own camera, other half whispering to mother with hushed excitement,
"I think we should print it!"  Most annoyed as Mrs Payne added to this ridiculousness,
"And we should frame it!"

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