Thursday, 24 January 2013

Day 249

Most disappointed with lack of appreciation for photographs last night, certain this due to such awful subjects.  As such decided would take trip into town to take some better photographs.  Carefully having tucked camera into pocket, queried if Mrs Payne would like to come for coffee.  Delighted as she tottered out that saw not a glimpse of camera, was certain to have forgotten about it already.

Pulled out camera as arrived in town, much to Mrs Payne's surprise, said was such a shame didn't bring hers!  At this Mrs Payne rummaged in bag, and most annoyed as she brought out camera, further with wine gum stuck to it, saying with delight,
"Here it is!"  Promptly ate wine gum.

Walked through park in town to take photographs, most displeased as chose subject and took photograph only to have Mrs Payne moments later taking exactly the same, quietly exclaiming in delight,
"Pin sharp!"
Further annoyed as was composing photograph of rather tricky looking statue, with Mrs Payne standing  behind, saying with some annoyance,
"Hurry up!  I want to take a photograph!"  Turned around to find Mrs Payne pointing camera in face, took photograph again, said incredulously,
"I say!  You were in the way!"  Fearfully annoyed.

Stalked to coffee shop quite furious, with Mrs Payne stopping at every opportunity to take photographs.  Several shoppers stopped as to not get in the way, at which Mrs Payne exclaimed in delight,
"I'm a photographer!"

Inevitably saw Horseface through coffee shop window so carefully tucked away camera to avoid fearful discussion as such.  About to tell Mrs Payne to do the same and turning around found her taking photograph through coffee shop window.  Sat down with Horseface and most annoyed as she said with much amusement,
"I say, Bitty, are you a photographer now?"  Bound to say Mrs Payne positively hates being called "Bitty" by the unfamiliar, however steeling herself to this rudeness, Mrs Payne said brightly,
"Oh yes, I am!"  At this Mrs Payne set about showing her photographs to Horseface, explaining camera as such,
"You can see the photographs through the little window on the back!  They're pin sharp!"

Quietly drank coffee through this and read newspaper abandoned on nearby table.  Browsing through Lifestyle section, exclaimed in surprise,
"I say, there's a weekly photography competition, I never knew!"  Immediately regretted this as Mrs Payne said thoughtfully,
"I say, is there indeed!  Do I need to send my camera in the post?"
Explained regards ability to upload photographs to website, deadline midnight tonight, at which Mrs Payne entered positive frenzy of photography, getting up without a thought and walking out of coffee shop, taking photographs every few moments, repeating nervously,
"I'm a photographer!  I'm a photographer!"

Finished coffee and said good-bye to Horseface, still most amused by her encounter.  Bound to say quite furious as tracked down Mrs Payne, sat on bench looking quite exhausted.  Put my camera away as approached, Mrs Payne saying proudly,
"I've taken hundreds of photographs!"

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