Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 251

Bound to say January sales continue to be positive triumph!  Was in town this morning posting letter when spotted some terribly nice trousers in shop window, profoundly discounted, so promptly bought them.  Shop assistant said they were terribly popular, before trailing off rather as she added "for a certain age of.."  Positively stalked out of the place once paid.

Quite flabbergasted as showed trousers to Mrs Payne, queried with some interest,
"I say, are you taking up golf?"
Explained rather sharply as to not taking up golf in the slightest, to which Mrs Payne continued to stare at trousers, said with some thought,
"Perhaps you should."

Explained as to rather good discount for trousers, at which Mrs Payne fearfully proud, said with quite some amusement,
"I say, you don't buy things from shops, do you?"  Most annoyed as asked what on earth meant by this, to which Mrs Payne said with delight,
"I bought a summer dress from the Internet!  On my lapbob!"  Most bemused as begged her pardon, how might she select the right size? At this Mrs Payne looked most confused, explained as to buying dress size, ever so simple.  Put trousers back in bag as heard Mrs Payne query quietly,
"What the devil was my dress size?" at which she exclaimed with concern,
"I say Robert, could you look at the label on my dress?  Oh dear, I think I've bought the wrong size!"
Declared it was time for tea.

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