Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 253

Mrs Payne most displeased on lack of dress arriving.  Bound to say gave poor postman what-for upon delivering letters yesterday.  Chap terribly polite, begged her pardon, did not deliver for that company, might it be courier? This apparently unsatisfactory, Mrs Payne exclaiming as shut front door,
"Well if you see Mr Courier, ask him where my dress is!"

Bound to say found this most amusing, thought rather better of rubbing it in on account of still not having told other half about trousers.  Most annoyed as sitting down for breakfast Mrs Payne queried nonchalantly, was I not wearing my new trousers, and, by the by, had I reconsidered golf?  Other half most curious about this, exclaimed had not seen any such item, and what the devil did mother mean by golf?  Felt awfully sick at this, and thankfully rescued as cleverly exclaimed other half late for work, might I show her later?  Mrs Payne sat in innocent silence through this, querying as other half dashed out,
"So, no golf then?"

Thought rather seriously of returning trousers this morning in case other half rather displeased later, however were fearfully good deal, so decided to keep them.  Throughout this worrisome thought, heard numerous attempts at door by Mrs Payne, but at mid-morning tea most pleased to find courier delivering her parcel, exclaiming with delight as put on her hat,
"It's here!"

Thought it rather best to disappear to office as Mrs Payne began opening parcel, saying with surprise,
"I say, it's a fearfully big box!"

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