Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Eve

Other half invited boss and Horseface over for New Year's Eve.  Most displeased at this as see not a jot of reason to stay up, and further made frightful discovery that had not a drop of wine.  At this other half said was quite alright, would make do with two bottles of champagne we had.  Explained had been saving these for special occasion, and really New Year's Eve fearfully dull.  Other half replied was certainly something fearfully dull, at which Mrs Payne much amused.  Thought this terribly rough as begrudgingly put bottles in fridge, Mrs Payne exclaiming in delight,
"Oh, I do like champagne!  Where is it from?"

Explained to other half and Mrs Payne as boss and Horseface arrived not to mention champagne, would open it at midnight, would be such a nice surprise!  Other half most displeased at this, called me a skinflint.  Thought it rather clever all the same, as would be certain only to open the one bottle and could serve sherry in meantime.  Positively furious upon boss and Horseface's coming in as Mrs Payne ventured nonchalantly,
"Are we opening the champagne?"

Drank my champagne with dismay having positively drained the first bottle between us. Chatted kindly following the champagne, all in rather jolly mood, as helped ourselves to buffet.  All agreed other half quite outdid herself.  Champagne glasses empty awfully quickly, at which hit upon quite cleverest idea to have coffee.  All agreed on account of staying awake except Mrs Payne, making quite some speech as she worked the coffee contraption as to not touching a drop of coffee past midday, was quite capable of staying awake, by the by, was there any more champagne?

Final bottle of champagne having been opened, all enjoyed their coffee and cake as evening went on, Mrs Payne offering some top-ups of champagne, after which was quite asleep on one end of sofa, much to amusement of others, talking with hushed brightness.

Mrs Payne woke up with a start at 11 o'clock, saying in shock,
"Oh!  I must have fallen asleep!" at which looked at her watch, added with disappointment, "it's past midnight, you didn't wake me!"  All most confused at this, was not past midnight in slightest.  Upon closer inspection, Mrs Payne said with distant recollection watch may have stopped last week, adding with confusion,
"I thought it had been twenty past two a lot."

Followed quite some discussion regards fixing watch, with numerous suggestions regards watchmakers in town, this dismissed as frightfully expensive, alternatives then suggested, only to be dismissed in place of frightfully expensive shop on account of "getting what you paid for".  Bound to say this frightfully wearing, suggested would see about going into town and might we hear the end of it?  At this boss said was quite ridiculous to pay for such an item, might I have a small screwdriver, would jolly well see about battery himself.  Followed extensive hunt for screwdriver, only to discover that, firstly, did not have one, and secondly, it was past midnight.

All most disappointed to have missed midnight, suggested finishing the champagne as it was open.  Most annoyed to find not a drop left on account of Mrs Payne's top-ups.  Mrs Payne altogether unconcerned at this, looked at her watch with a yawn, saying as she got up,
"Time for bed for me, it's twenty past two.  Goodnight."


Happy New Year to all my readers.

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