Monday, 18 February 2013

Day 256

Heard fearful knock on front door this morning.  Went downstairs with quite some annoyance querying as to Mrs Payne answering the door, quickly dismissed as was "crosswording".  Answered door to find Horseface, wearing her dressing gown, looking altogether upset, asking rather tearfully if other half was home.  Declared she wasn't, at which before had moment to invite Horseface in she fell into my arms sobbing at fearful volume, saying as she did,
"You'll have to do."  Bound to say this most uncomfortable, exclaimed "there, there" as rather wished she did not "have to do".  Looked around slightly to find Mrs Payne looking most unconcerned, as queried nonchalantly,
"I say, are we wearing dressing gowns about town these days?"

Most grateful as Horseface composed herself, and drying eyes with handkerchief said was terribly sorry, had fearful row with husband last night, could not stand another moment and had left him, might she stay with us?  At this Mrs Payne started rather, exclaiming quickly,
"There's really no roo.." to which quite interrupted, said could stay as long as needed.  Horseface rather brightened at this, said I was a dear, might I fetch her two suitcases from car?

Set about making tea as Mrs Payne continued crossword, quite ignoring Horseface as she sniffed rather, clutching her handkerchief.  Bound to say my nerves terribly frayed, and further back hurting fearfully on account of suitcases.  Raised Horseface's spirits rather as queried altogether seriously as to having brought the kitchen sink.  Horseface explained had brought her prized marble planters, could not think of leaving them with such a beast.  Solemnly drank tea downstairs rather than returning to work, with Horseface sat in silence looking into her tea and sniffing, after which repeated I was a dear, adding more brightly,
"What's for lunch?"

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