Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 257

Other half most surprised yesterday evening to see Horseface in lounge, not knowing what to do with herself as Mrs Payne sat in annoyed silence.  Other half asked was anything the matter, at which Horseface repeated having left husband, rather tearful once more as said I had been most kind in consoling her.  Other half most shocked at this, hugged Horseface as exclaimed she must have been awfully desperate.  Thought this rather rough.

Left Horseface this morning in lounge with Mrs Payne, saying was sure she would muddle through.  Most surprised as heard knock at front door mid-morning, at which in panic Horseface dashed into tiny cloakroom under stairs to hide opened front door to find rather dismayed boss querying as to Horseface staying.  Bound to say this most difficult as asked what was the matter, rather unsure of letting him in on account of Horseface in cloakroom, could no doubt barely breath squashed amongst overcoats and such.  Said carefully was terribly shocked at his news, before had moment to explain had better be getting on, Mrs Payne exclaimed brightly,
"Do come in, I'll make coffee!"

Positively gulped coffee as Mrs Payne repeated to boss that was a terrible business, might he like another biscuit?  Wouldn't take long to make another coffee.  Poor man.  Set about getting back to work on several occasions, at which Mrs Payne said would keep boss company.  Most annoyed as studiously sat back down, carefully listening for shuffling in cloakroom.  Finishing second coffee Mrs Payne exclaimed brightly,
"Would you like to stay for lunch?"  Coughed loudly as heard from cloakroom a faintly aggravated,
"I say!"

Boss having left after terribly long lunch, Horseface positively fell out of cloakroom, coughing rather on account of dust and clutching sherry bottle.  At this she complained fearfully as to being "sticked up to like a kipper" further explaining as held her head rather and staggered to kitchen,
"I had not a drop for thirst so I the sherry!"
Positively furious at this, thought rather better of storing bottles in cloakroom in future, at which Horseface shouted from kitchen,
"I say, I've put the cheese in you, where's my cheese on toast you bally toaster!"
Stalked into kitchen as Mrs Payne returned to crossword, saying with annoyed sigh,
"That woman will do anything for attention."

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