Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Day 258

Horseface feeling altogether better and quite fearfully confident regards divorce.  Exclaimed on numerous occasions as to men being hanged, present company excepted of course.  Bound to say this usually after sherry, and have taken to be rather careful with measures.  Horseface poured on one occasion and bound to say had drunk quarter of bottle.  Other half and Mrs Payne most pleased with this, exclaiming Horseface ever so generous!  Thought this decided rough as I was paying.  Declared were drinking such a lot would jolly well need to use large glasses.  Mrs Payne delighted with this, querying optimistically,
"Shall I get the tumblers?"

Mrs Payne and Horseface rather not getting on as quite frightfully competitive.  Have rather taken to working as long as possible.  Came downstairs for lunch only to find Horseface and Mrs Payne positively shouting at television regards correct answers for quiz show, both quite certain as to being right, and further that the other quite frightfully wrong with most idiotic answer.  Set about making lunch as heard exclamations from Horseface and Mrs Payne as to programme being fearful rubbish in any case, evidently both having been wrong.

Barraged with comment as to quiz show questions over lunch, provided quite headache as ate toast.  By way of diversion, queried in kindly sort of way as to whether had heard from husband, altogether difficult as was my boss.  At this Horseface said would listen to not another word from him, exclaiming with dread,
"You should have heard the things he said!"
Declared quietly was going back to work as rather heated discussion erupted as to television, Mrs Payne quite adamant as to watching soaps, and Horseface rather interested in news.  Was all but at kitchen door as Mrs Payne and Horseface demanded referee, at which declared rather sternly could they stop arguing or would jolly well unplug the television!  Positively stalked out of room in fury as Mrs Payne and Horseface quite rolled around laughing, Mrs Payne exclaiming,
"I should like to see that!"

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