Monday, 4 March 2013

Day 261

This morning Mrs Payne positively insistent regards going into town. Declared this quite impossible on account of fearful amount of work. Mrs Payne continued regardless, as hit upon quite cleverest of ideas. Declared had quite perfect way to get Mrs Payne out of house, she might bus into town!  Bound to say Mrs Payne most indignant at this, saying in annoyance,
"I say, I have never been on a bus in my life!" at which most odd as added after some moments,
"Of course, I should use the bus all the time, if I only had someone to show me."

Fearfully annoyed as stood as bus stop clutching work, Mrs Payne carefully leaning on nearby gate, querying brightly,
"Can you see the bus yet?" Declared could jolly well not see bus, terribly late, further, would have altogether sharp words with driver. Most annoyed as Mrs Payne explained superiorly,
"He won't understand you.  Bus drivers are Polish the newspapers say."
Was just about to declare was not all bus drivers Polish as bus arrived, and bound to say thought rather better of having words as doors opened to reveal quite angriest looking man staring out, name badge saying optimistically, "Derek - Brightening your bus."

Fumbled rather with money as Derek scowled, Mrs Payne querying with interest,
"Might you take is to the coffee shop directly?" This promptly ignored, Mrs Payne exclaimed to driver,
"Jen koo yeh!" to which received not glimpse of interest.  Set about sitting down as Mrs Payne said with disappointment,
"I must have said it wrong."

Arrived in town fearfully late, principally on account of getting off at wrong stop, at which Mrs Payne positively refused to walk, requiring waiting for another bus.  Further, had quite frightful time waiting, first being full, second failing to stop entirely.  Positively furious as continued to stand at bus stop, Mrs Payne querying incessantly,
"Can you see the bus yet?"

Finally stalked to coffee shop and set out work as Mrs Payne ate cake.  Had barely written a word as Horseface came in, and bound to say quite impossible to concentrate as Mrs Payne explained regards bus, Horseface thinking this quite hilarious occupation.  Quite gave up work as Horseface queried if were likely to get home by nightfall on bus.  Positively fearful as swallowed pride, asked Horseface quietly, might she give us a lift home?  Mrs Payne querying with amusement,
"No more buses then?"

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