Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Day 262

Came downstairs for lunch having worked fearfully all morning to catch up work.  Found Mrs Payne on telephone, and most shocked as said in hushed tone,
"I say Robert, I'm buying a motorcar!"
Thought this most ridiculous and quite certainly incorrect as set about making lunch, Mrs Payne exclaiming in delight,
"I should like a red one please!"

Bound to say was getting altogether concerned as Mrs Payne confirmed various specifications, querying after some minutes,
"Is your motorcar a convertible, Robert?" at which having answered in the negative, Mrs Payne exclaimed in delight,
"I should like a convertible!"

Was eating toast as Mrs Payne finally hung up telephone, quite delighted with purchase to be delivered in person on Friday.  Was most displeased with this as queried where money was coming from for the motor.  Mrs Payne declaring nonchalantly as to have a "few pounds" saved.  At this queried with some annoyance as to why I was providing her with weekly cake rations.  Mrs Payne explaining with some surprise,
"I've got motorcar money, not cake money!"

Ate toast silently for some moments before realising with amusement Mrs Payne's predicament.  Queried as to whether Mrs Payne had driving licence.  Most surprised as Mrs Payne said carelessly,
"Oh yes, I got it when I was a girl."  Rather concerned as Mrs Payne continued,
"I never used it though."

Query as to what year driving licence acquired most unsuccessful, and bound to say altogether concerned over Mrs Payne's capability behind wheel.  Suggested perhaps could organise driving lesson.  Mrs Payne most dismissive, set about miming driving her motor,
"You never forget how to drive.  Accelerate!  Left!  Right!  Parp!  Parp!  Brake!" adding with pleasure,
"Bitty in her red sportscar!  I shall be the talk of the town!  Get out of the way, Robert!  Overtake!  Parp!"

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