Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Day 268

Sat staring at dry toast this morning over breakfast, eating rather slowly by way of making it seem more.  Most annoyed as Mrs Payne eating positive quantity.  Other half at once exclaimed had forgot she had surprise for me.  At this reached into bag and presented tiny electronic item, declaring brightly,
"It's a step counter!"  Mrs Payne positively awed by this as other half explained it counted your steps each day.  By the by, if I walked 10,000 steps, deserved treat for dessert later!  Bound to say rather buoyed by this as Mrs Payne surveyed the item closely, saying with curiosity,
"It counts your steps?  How does it know?"

Presently turned step counter on and explained regards titling motion.  Mrs Payne quite delighted by this, tilted item several times, saying with child-like excitement,
"Five!  No, six!" adding seriously, "what an age we live in."

Other half soon departed for work and set about work myself.  Clipped step counter on belt all the same, was certain to need every step to count.  Checked mid-morning and most annoyed as steps displayed mere 25.  Made tea as Mrs Payne queried petulantly,
"When can I have a turn?"  At this declared step counter most unnecessary, barely walked a step.  Mrs Payne most displeased, exclaimed in annoyance,
"I walked into the kitchen to get biscuits!  Twice!"

Went out for terribly long walk for lunch, was quite certain to have positively thousands of steps.  Came home altogether warm in process, at which said to Mrs Payne with gasp was terribly invigorating, should try it!  Mrs Payne altogether dismissive of this, querying with excitement,
"How many steps!"  Looked at the device as had positively ignored it during walking for fear of discouragement.  Had rather wished I had, as exclaimed to Mrs Payne in dismay,
"A hundred and twelve."

Positively furious as ate equally rationed lunch, Mrs Payne eyeing the step counter sharply, saying with some consideration,
"I say Robert, you musn't be walking properly.  I've done 10 steps already."  At this Mrs Payne vigorously shook the item, after which added,
"That's another 9 steps.  It's jolly fun!"

Thought rather as ate barely buttered toast, at which queried as brightly as I could,
"I say, Mrs Payne!  I've got a game for you this afternoon!  It's jolly fun!"

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