Thursday, 14 March 2013

Day 269

Most disappointed yesterday at afternoon tea as asked Mrs Payne regards step counter.  Replied was up to 700 steps and arm hurt fearfully.  Queried as to using other arm, at which Mrs Payne said with exasperation,
"How do you think I got the first five hundred!"

Was evident that had not a hope of reaching 10,000 steps.  Mrs Payne wobbled her arms, uttering an "oof" as had a rest.  Most annoyed at Mrs Payne's lacklustre efforts.  Thought rather seriously whilst making tea as to solution.  Bound to say was taking it awfully seriously as was jolly well owed those steps.  Fearful device.  Pleased as struck upon the solution.  Explained with delight could put it in tumble dryer!  Was sure to tumble enough steps.  Asked Mrs Payne might she pop it in, making quite certain as to being on cold, not hot.  Mrs Payne thought this quite cleverest of ideas, and was bound to say I agreed.  Left Mrs Payne to her task, further uttering "oof" on account of arms.  Was sure this most unnecessary.

Came downstairs before other half came home to check on step counter.  Asked Mrs Payne regards progress, at which looked up from crossword, saying without concern had not checked.  Most annoyed at this, had she not checked steps, had been on half afternoon!  At this Mrs Payne rather displeased, explained as waved pen,
"I've been busy!"  Stalked into kitchen with Mrs Payne following, as I said with some annoyance,
"The clothes will be bone dry!"
Positively horrified as  Mrs Payne queried with interest,
"What clothes?"

Held tiny pieces of step counter in hand, positively smashed to atoms with two hours of tumbling.  Mrs Payne peered down as scrutinised little pieces, saying with curiosity,
"I should like to see you explain this, Robert."

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