Monday, 25 March 2013

Day 271

Had boss and Horseface around for dinner at weekend.  Had most jolly time, and bound to say Horseface positively thrilled to the core to announce was joining the Women's Institute!  The "W.I" being ever such a modern organisation, isn't just sitting around eating cake and saying how terrible men are!  At which Mrs Payne exclaimed in annoyance,
"That was the best bit!"

Bound to say Mrs Payne looking most displeased as Horseface continued explaining regards various activities and such, with Mrs Payne saying rather dismissively,
"I used to be in the W.I once.  The secretary, indeed.  It was rather tiresome."  At this other half exclaimed in amusement,
"I say, were you not given the sack for fiddling the books?"  Mrs Payne looked positively furious at this, before saying in slow crescendo,
"There was not enough money for cake!"

Horseface mentioned, by the by, they were holding elections for secretary shortly, sounded ever so jolly, would see about running herself!  Mrs Payne sat in rather annoyed silence thereafter.

Horseface and boss having left, Mrs Payne exclaimed in furious agitation,
"The W.I will let just about anyone in these days!  As a former member, I feel it's my duty to keep power-hungry women like that out of the W.I!"  At this other half queried with concern,
"What are you going to do?"  Mrs Payne stared with narrow eyes, saying carefully,
"I don't know.  But I shall need a new hat.  It's my duty as a former secretary.." at which other half interjected,
"Sacked secretary." Mrs Payne broke her stare, turning to her daughter and saying with displeasure,
"I do wish you would stop saying that."

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