Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Day 272

Mrs Payne in positive frenzy yesterday regards W.I.  Telephoned local branch and was on telephone all morning, querying as I came down for mid-morning tea,
"Might you bring biscuit barrel?" before returning to telephone, exclaiming with bemusement,

Bound to say biscuit barrel not forthcoming, and presently passed Mrs Payne with tea, at which was most furious.  Held hand over telephone mouthpiece, exclaiming in annoyance,
"What about the biscuit barrel!"
Continued with my tea up stairs, as Mrs Payne repeating loudly,
"My biscuits!" before adding carefully, "oh no, not you.  Yes, biscuits!  I'll make biscuits!"

Most pleased to find Mrs Payne finished with telephone by lunchtime, was sat on sofa with biscuit barrel, as said petulantly,
"I could have starved!"  Declared this most unlikely, at which Mrs Payne said sweetly was probably right, might I take her to supermarket?  Should like to buy a few items.  By the by, was having W.I coffee morning at our house on Wednesday.  Most displeased at this and said as much, at which Mrs Payne said optimistically,
"I'll save you some sausage rolls?"

Thought rather seriously over lunch regards taking Mrs Payne to supermarket.  W.I certain to be positive nightmare, but would surely see Mrs Payne out of house more often.  As such set off after lunch to supermarket, at which bound to say came to quite horrifying amount.  Till girl asked regards payment, at which made quite clear was not paying myself.  Most shocked as Mrs Payne sighed, promptly pulled out 50 pound note, saying with vigour as handed over the note,
"For the good of the W.I!"

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