Thursday, 28 March 2013

Day 274

Bound to say was most tired this morning, altogether made worse as Mrs Payne rushing around regards preparing for W.I meeting.  Saw platefuls of biscuits transported to lounge, with positively hours until W.I arrived.  Queried as to being rather early, at which Mrs Payne uttered in annoyance,
"Early!  I don't have time for this!  Early!"  Mrs Payne continued rushing around as asked in broken sentence,
"I say, do you know, you're still, in your nightgown?"

Came downstairs for mid-morning tea rather early such that would miss W.I.  Most thankful that Mrs Payne now dressed, stood looking over preparations in lounge with a careful eye.  Queried as to wanted tea, at which Mrs Payne looked rather frantic, exclaimed with concern,
"Don't move anything!"  Carefully set about making tea, and most annoyed as found not a jot to pour tea into on account of crockery being reserved for guests.  Said this most ridiculous, at which Mrs Payne scoured kitchen, presenting me with receptacle.  Suggested glass most unsuitable to hold tea, by the by, was a vase.  Most displeased at this Mrs Payne finally found mug usually reserved for builders, at which reluctantly poured tea.  Thought this decided rough.  Queried as to Mrs Payne's tea, at which received reply,
"I don't have time for pouring!  Just put the milk in the teapot and I'll drink out of the spout!"

Positively horrified as doorbell rang, was certain to be quite fearful member of W.I early.  At this Mrs Payne steeled herself, put on new hat, which bound to say was most ridiculous in circumference, and after uttering in my direction,
"Don't look untidy!" set about opening front door.  Most pleased as door opened, and exclaimed rather brightly,
"Oh, it's only you!" at which Horseface laughed rather, exclaimed brilliantly,
"Oh, it's only ever me!" promptly striding into house with quite largest hat have ever seen.  Mrs Payne greeted Horseface warmly, whilst bound to say looking quite furious in direction of hat.  Straightening her hat rather, Mrs Payne bid Horseface to sit, at which I dutifully asked might I take her hat.  At this Horseface exclaimed with amusement,
"No need, Robert!  One should be seen in their hat at the W.I!  The bigger the better!  It's most ridiculous, I know!" at which Mrs Payne straightened her hat again, added in annoyance,

Clutched my builder's mug as said had best be to work, with Horseface querying as to tea.  At this explained had to save best crockery, was second class citizen in one's own home!  Horseface exclaimed with amusement I was a poor dear, might I like a biscuit?  Mrs Payne exclaiming loudly,
"No biscuits!  This is official W.I business!" and as Horseface stiffled laughter, Mrs Payne added with annoyance,
"Move along!"

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