Friday, 29 March 2013

Day 275

W.I meeting continued fearfully long yesterday.  Was quite certain house was silent, went downstairs and find numerous ladies, by the by all wearing quite ridiculously large hats, in plaintive silence.  Mrs Payne queried optimistically,
"Biscuits?" and seeing me, added sternly,
"W.I business!"

Horseface apparently glad to see me, introduced me rather kindly, said was ever so good of me to loan our lounge.  At this asked in addition,
"Biscuit, Robert?  Anyone?" to which received numerous replies of,
"No!"  At this Horseface smiled kindly, exclaiming with concern,
"We have had rather a lot of biscuits."  At this Mrs Payne put down half eaten biscuit on plate, queried carefully,

Taking opportunity of disquiet, rather small, kind looking women exclaimed wearily,
"I think it's time to be going."  At which women stood quickly, bound to say most concerning as positively stalked to door.  Queried through the women as to whether any sausage rolls left, at which Mrs Payne said in annoyance,
"Not a sausage!" before looking rather pleased with herself, exclaiming brightly,
"Oh, I made a funny!"

Bound to say W.I most disinterested in Mrs Payne's funny, filed out rather eagerly as Horseface followed, saying regally,
"I should like a turn in the park.  Would anyone like to join me?"  Mrs Payne vigorously retrieved shoes, exclaiming from doorstep as to coming along.  At this small kind looking women returned, said rather plainly,
"Mrs Payne, thank you again for your hospitality, we will certainly be considering the secretaryship, although I must say I received word from the W.I regarding some financial miscalculations."  At this small women looking rather less kind returned to car, with Mrs Payne looking positively furious as she got into Horseface's motor, saying through gritted teeth in a furious pitch,
"There was not enough money for cake!"
Promptly slammed door as I was helping myself to one or two biscuits, as queried curiously,
"W.I business?"

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